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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Brief Disclaimer...

Firstly, I am a LARPer. This means I am liable to write about LARP (something that old fuddy-duddy, Mat, just doesn't understand).

Secondly, I do not like d20. This means I am liable to write about how much I can't stand d20 (something that old fuddy-duddy, Mat, probably understands).

Thirdly, I am not entirely certain how much I'm going to be contributing to this blog, as most of my usual gaming rants can be found on my own LiveJournal (Mapp versus the World - sorry, Mat, but I couldn't resist).


At 10:09 pm, Blogger Mike Leader said...

I think Mapp and I may need a large fence up between our blogs...since I'm supporting the Warlord RPG, and that's D20.

Don't worry Mapp...I thoroughly respect LARPers and diceless folks...Viva AMBER Diceless! :-D


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